Avoid Gross Grease Trap Build Up

Call Doctor Rooter Plumbing for Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance throughout the Freehold, NJ and Central NJ areas!

Do you own a restaurant in the Central Jersey area? if so, you need a reliable grease trap cleaning service on speed dial. We can offer a variety of services for you including:

• Cleaning or pumping your grease trap
• Checking for leaks or cracks
• Replacing your grease trap if it isn’t working properly

You can count on Doctor Rooter to assess your system and explain your repair or replacement options.

 Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

At Doctor Rooter Plumbing, We offer monthly maintenance plans to ensure your grease traps stay clean. We can come by on a monthly basis to your location to clean the grease traps and maintain them. We want to ensure you don’t run into any problems while running your business. We can also handle your plumbing issues as well with this maintenance plan.

Call us today to set up an appointment so we can customize your maintenance plan to fit your business. We are based in Freehold, New Jersey and serve all of Central Jersey.